Before i start documenting my path to being a trader, i should tell a bit about my background. So here it comes:

I studied math and quickly got interessted in the markets (mainly futures and FOREX) cause i loved the idea of getting rich quick just from coding some algos at home. So i started to code trading systems and learned a lot about the markets. And didn’t earn anything from it, of course. Once i even coded my own exchange with clearing algo and everything. Trading a completly theoretical asset was super fascinating. Basically like we do it with crypto currencies now, just without getting any money out of it…

When i finished my Mastersdegree i wasn’t anywhere near having a successfull trading system so i sticked to working as a software dev, but never really finished with the idea of getting rich quick.

And then came the rise of bitcoin 2017 and with it the rise of crypto exchanges. And being unregulated like they are, crypto exchanges offers access to a “real” exchange (so directly to the real orderbook, not just CFDs or something) for everyone. Means also for me. So i got back into it. And since Crypto isn’t (wasn’t) full of big institutions, the market was easier to read and predict (or so i thought). And because it lags any fundamentals, it provides high volatility which is heaven for traders of course.

And so it began: the story of me trying to become a successfull trader in crypto markets.

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