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Fitting Plane to Point Cloud – Hands on

In my last post i described how to get the equations for fitting a plane to a given pointcloud. Now lets put them into some sample code. I will use the same notation as in the previous post.

When i first started with the optimization, i thought about distinguishing the different cases by Txx != 0. I already worked out the math for the case Txx == 0 etc. And then i started testing with real world data. Random points which are approximatly on a plane. The sad part is: Even with a pointcloud where Txx should be approximatly zero it wasnt close enough to make a valid decision. (And yes i know that comparing a float with 0 is not the way you do it) So sometimes the algorithm ended in the Txx != 0 case, setting c = 1 where c should actually be 0, but because of the unequally distributed values, it wasnt… Continue reading Fitting Plane to Point Cloud – Hands on