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Before i start documenting my path to being a trader, i should tell a bit about my background. So here it comes:

I studied math and quickly got interessted in the markets (mainly futures and FOREX) cause i loved the idea of getting rich quick just from coding some algos at home. So i started to code trading systems and learned a lot about the markets. And didn’t earn anything from it, of course. Once i even coded my own exchange with clearing algo and everything. Trading a completly theoretical asset was super fascinating. Basically like we do it with crypto currencies now, just without getting any money out of it…

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Bitcoin is not a currency

I often hear people claiming that Bitcoin will replace our current currencies. And with the rise in value these voices grow louder. But unfortunately it seems they don’t understand the basics of the financial system.

Don’t get me wrong: blockchain is an interesting concept with lots of useful applications. It may even revolutionize different fields in our society. But Bitcoin will never be a mainstream currency. The average person will never buy its daily coffee with Bitcoin. And here is why: Continue reading Bitcoin is not a currency